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Our current project is the recycling/retrofit of an out of service chemical plant to produce ASTM D6751 specification Biodiesel, a clean burning renewable fuel with many additional benefits over its petroleum counterpart. The Biodiesel refinery will be based upon a regional energy model, using feedstocks from the region in which it is located and providing finished fuel back into the same region. Caldwell County, located in the foothills region of North Carolina was once home to textile, agriculture, furniture and timber industries, most all of which has now been taken offshore, leaving the county and its county seat, Lenoir, as with many such other places throughout the Southeast and the nation, struggling to find substantive economic development to replace those jobs lost.

About Us
Like many in our country, we view the national and world energy situation with the reliance upon fossil fuels as being ever more problematic; a situation that cannot be drilled out of, and which current energy policy does not address in a sustainable, ecologically minded way. As the U.S. is the number one user (currently) of fossil fuels, we are also guilty of being the most wasteful and our dependence upon foreign sources of petroleum has weakened us as a nation. An immediate trend toward conservation is needed and the development of a diverse portfolio of energy derived from renewable energy sources such as biomass, solar and wind is necessary to create a more sustainable, and energy independent nation and planet.

Foothills Bio-Energies was created to pursue renewable, sustainable energy sources and to create economic development around these sources in smaller, economically challenged communities.


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